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Core Services | Wireless | Network | Firewalls

Consulting & Assessment

We start by learning your business drivers and the customer experiences you want to provide. With this in mind, we incorporate the best in Core including wireless and network security.

A variety of assessments include gauge readiness, proper access point placement, or coverage area analysis.

  • Full network analysis

  • Performance reports

  • Bandwidth readines

Network Infrastructure Optimization for Cloud apps

Getting users connected to the cloud is only the beginning, guaranteeing the ERP, CRM, Voice and Video traffic have the bandwidth they need is critical. We help the quality and resiliency of those services is as important as the access.

  • Software-defined Networks (SDN)

  • Network Mapping & Planning

  • Application Flow Analysis

  • Cloud Quality of Service

  • Application performance optimization

Network Access

Create a secure wireless and switch network for all your devices to connect to.

  • Managed Switches & Wireless Systems

  • Network Access Control Systems

  • Threat Intelligence & Traffic Analysis

Data Center

We design, implement and manage DataCenters. On premise data centers are critical due to business & compliance requirements. We help companies with:

  • Storage & Monitoring Systems

  • Virtual Platforms

  • Data Center Interconnect

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